Restaurant Vila Sunce

A gastronomic journey that will win your heart

Photo of a part of the ambience of the Vila Sunce restaurant with a minibar

Welcome to our restaurant with an aperitif bar, which offers guests outstanding European as well as local cuisine, ranging from national specialties to traditional Serbian dishes. Our offer satisfies every taste, offering a wide range of dishes at affordable prices.

Vila Sunce restaurant is a place where unforgettable moments are created. For meat lovers, we will list only some of the specialties: rolled veal, a dish with a rich taste and juicy texture, venison stew, a traditional Serbian specialty that delights with its aroma and rich taste of meat, grilled smoked ribs, a dish that offers an irresistible combination of smoked meat and juicy ribs, perfectly prepared on the grill.

These are just some of the specialties that you can try with us. Our menu also includes a variety of salads, desserts and refreshing drinks that will complete your gastronomic experience.

It's time for dessert

When it's time for dessert, our creativity knows no bounds. Surrender to the sweet magic of our confectioners and discover irresistible combinations of flavors in every bite.

Whether you prefer chocolate rhapsodies, fruit explosions or traditional treats, our desserts are the right finishing touch to your culinary experience.

Come and enjoy an exclusive combination of top cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere.

Photo of the chocolate dessert offered by the Vila Sunce restaurant

Parking monitored by cameras

A photograph of the parking lot in the courtyard of Hotel Vila Sunce

Your vehicle is safe with us.

Our parking space is available to both guests and daily visitors, with 24-hour video surveillance ensuring the security of your vehicle during your stay.

When you come to our establishment with our quality of food and service, and the parking we offer, you won't want to leave until late, so we usually end up being a restaurant with accommodation.

View of the aperitif bar from the hall of the Vila Sunce restaurant
View of the hall of the Vila Sunce restaurant
A view of part of the ambience of the Vila Sunce restaurant
A view of the aperitif bar from the surroundings of the Vila Sunce restaurant

Special offer

Here you can see only a part of our rich food offer.

The name of the dish Price in RSD
Rolled spiked veal 1.900
Venison stew 1.100
Prebranac beans with sausage 450
Tortilla Mexico 900
Shish kebab 900
Sarajevo Kebabs 900
Karadjordje's steak 1.100
Chicken in mozzarella with mushrooms 1.200
Dumplings 450
Leskovac muckalica 1.200
Beef stew 850
Chicken medallions in bacon 1.200
Greek muckalica 1.300
(soup+main course+salad+bread+dessert)
(soup+mini carob+salad+bread+coke)

* Prices are for informational purposes only. Please check them by contacting us.

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have provided various payment methods. Choose between payment via credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Dina, Master, Maestro, or simply via a business account. If you still want to pay in cash, that's no problem for us.

Catering for all occasions

Catering service of Hotel Vila Sunce, photo of meat dish on a tray

Our restaurant offers a catering service (free delivery) of food in the territory of Stara Pazova.

Especially interesting for companies (corporate catering), for feeding employees. In addition, we do catering for weddings, birthdays, parties and other celebrations.

Contact us and if you don't have a precise idea of what you would like us to prepare for you, we will help you decide.

A photograph of a celebration in the restaurant of Villa Sunce

event space for up to 70 people