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Hotel 'Vila Sunce'

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For more than two decades, Hotel 'Vila Sunce' has been your oasis of comfort and relaxation. Located on the old Novi Sad road, at the entrance to Stara Pazova from the direction of Belgrade, our hotel offers an ideal and peaceful location, allowing guests easy access to both Belgrade and Novi Sad.

As soon as you step into our villa, you will be surrounded by the warmth and care of our staff, ready to provide you with an unforgettable stay.

Our dedication is reflected in every aspect of our hotel, from elegantly decorated rooms and apartments to top-notch gastronomic offerings of homemade cuisine in our restaurant.

A photograph of breaded meat dish from the restaurant at Villa Sunce
A photograph of cevapi in somun with kajmak from the restaurant at Villa Sunce
A photograph of stuffed rolled meat from the restaurant at Villa Sunce

We take you back to a time when food was prepared with passion.

Our restaurant nurtures the spirit of tradition and nourishes the hearts of hungry travelers for over two decades. Our kitchen offers a wealth of Serbian specialties, from juicy meat dishes to aromatic vegetarian and vegan options. Our mission is to revive authentic flavors and provide each guest with a memorable culinary experience.

Our kitchen masters skillfully prepare all types of dishes, using only the highest quality fresh ingredients, while respecting traditional recipes. For meat lovers, we offer a wide range of specialties. However, we are also dedicated to guests who prefer vegetarian or vegan diets, with dishes such as stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls, or creamy bean stew with vegetables.

Our chefs, with their skill and creativity, turn every dish into a true masterpiece. Vegetables become not only ingredients but also a means of expression. Through their hands, tomatoes become a floral garden, carrots transform into stars on the plate, and zucchinis become a colorful mosaic.

In our restaurant, pancakes are a true delight that wins the hearts of our guests. Whether sweet or savory, pancakes are a favorite choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our chefs skillfully prepare these soft, moist pancakes that melt in your mouth and provide irresistible pleasure.
In addition to pancakes, our restaurant offers a wide range of other desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings. Our dessert menu is diverse and enticing, with each sweet treat carefully prepared using the finest ingredients and crafted with love by our pastry chefs.

Our restaurant is not only distinguished by its food. The interior exudes the warmth of a traditional Serbian inn, with a pleasant atmosphere that invites relaxation and enjoyment of meals. Our friendly waitstaff will greet you with a smile and joy, ready to recommend the best our menu has to offer and provide excellent service.

The perfect place for relaxation

We offer various amenities so you can fully enjoy your stay. Whether you choose to relax in our rooms or apartments, dine in the restaurant, or explore the surroundings, our team is here to provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Vila Sunce belongs to the group of elegant hotels and is primarily intended for business people. Its quick access to the A-1 highway (E-75) provides easy connections to business destinations between Belgrade and Novi Sad, facilitating the organization of meetings or business tasks. After successfully completing your work, our hotel offers a peaceful and relaxing environment for rest and preparation for the next day.

Whether you're just passing through or want to explore the beauties of Serbia, Hotel 'Vila Sunce' is your oasis of comfort and relaxation.

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A unique experience for every hedonist

A photograph of Hotel Vila Sunce from the front side

Inspired by the domestic cuisine, we offer a wide selection of authentic dishes, including all traditional Serbian specialties, which will delight your senses of sight, smell, and especially taste. Enjoy fresh ingredients and perfectly balanced flavors as you indulge in the charms of the local culinary scene.

Thanks to our kitchen masters, every bite is a real treat. From juicy steaks to irresistible sausages, our meat selection satisfies everyone's taste and preferences. In addition, our rich menu includes a variety of salads, desserts, and refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to complement your gastronomic experience.

We also offer free food delivery (catering) to your address for your convenience, which is especially attractive to local businesses.

If you're looking for accommodation, you've found the best

If you're also looking for accommodation, you're in the right place.
Our comfortable single, double rooms, and apartments are available at affordable prices, providing you with complete comfort during your stay.

Whether you're just passing through or simply seeking a peaceful corner for rest and relaxation, our doors are always open to you.

Join us and experience the charm and elegance of our hotel. Your happiness is our greatest reward, and we will do everything in our power to make your stay perfect.

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event space for up to 70 people


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